It’s over for another year

Well, the Evesham Carnival 2018 is over for another year and it is time to reflect on the great day that was had by all. Whether it was the people on the floats or any of the local charities represented on the meadow, the sun was shining and people had smiles on their faces.

As always the Evesham Carnival is only made possible due to two main factors, the hard work of the local community committee being supported by Evesham Round Table and the generosity of many local people and businesses. This has been done by both financial or gifts in kind but all equally appreciated as it has ensured that we can raise as much money as we can for the nominated charities. So with this thought in mind, this is the reason I write to you today, on behalf of the Evesham Carnival committee can I say a BIG

Thank You!

This year we have seen the largest number of floats to take part in the carnival parade in recent years and the most charities being represented within the carnival village. Making this an event where we are all supporting the local community, we should feel proud that we have enabled these charities to raise funds.

We have given out £500 to the three charities that was nominated by the winners and the two runner up for best float. More money was awarded on the 13th July when the rest of the surplus money from this great event is given to all of the nominated charities. From your kind act of generosity of supporting the Evesham Carnival 2018 we will give away a further £3350. This means this year we have raised and given away £3850!!!

Let me thank you again for your continued support to the carnival, without which this event would not be possible to host or to support so many local charities of the town.

Adam Spiers
Evesham Carnival Chairman